Readers respond to "Godzilla," Green Day and Urkel

Reactions to our Jim Carrey (#435, June 5) cover ran the gamut from effusive (“I loved it, I loved it, I loved it,” gushed Kansas’ Rachel Stigge about The Truman Show. “God bless you, Peter Weir!”) to sarcastic (“Why is everyone acting as if it’s the messiah of movies?” said Greg Cooper of Hollywood. “You must have seen it the same day you saw Godzilla“) to downright cranky (“Your cover of The Truman Show as ‘The Year’s Best Movie’ seems especially premature,” said Craig Simpson of Ohio. “Should we take this to mean there will be no more EW issues until January?”). But no letter writer was quite as testy as Seinfeld fanatic Nathan Heagy of British Columbia, Canada. “Who is ‘Soup Man’?” he wrote accusingly. “He is the Soup Nazi! Can you say ‘Soup Nazi’?” And we thought we were obsessed with Seinfeld minutiae.


“Who knew?” You ask in your cover story on Jim Carrey. Actually, there are a lot of us who have always known that Carrey’s dramatic abilities are woefully unappreciated. Anyone who saw his performance as an alcoholic in Doing Time on Maple Drive knew this TV clown was bound for greatness. His beautiful performance in The Truman Show is a total vindication of all the times I’ve defended him against those too shortsighted to see what a genius and treasure this man is.
Culver City, Calif.

The Truman Show isn’t like a Twilight Zone episode (“Rube Tube”). It was a TZ episode. The New Twilight Zone had an episode [“Secret Service,” which aired in August ’97 on TNT] in which David Naughton finds a camera in his house and discovers that his life has been a 24-hour network TV show. It then deals with the fallout of his knowing. I can’t wait to see the movie, but it is hardly original.
Monkato, Minn.


I enjoyed your trash-talking, been-there-done-that sidebar “Root Causes,” about the various instances in which Godzilla blatantly borrows, er, as you said, pays homage to scenes from the past. However, you missed a couple of biggies. Such as the death of the giant lizard. Anyone seen the 1976 King Kong remake with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges? The giant ape dies a tragic death, accompanied by ominous kettledrum heartbeats, which gradually slow until they finally stop. Devlin and Emmerich’s lizard dies the same way. We could go on and on, but what’s the point? Hollywood is the recycle bin on the desktop of life.
Venice, Calif.

Your “Monster Mush” Godzilla article couldn’t have hit the mark better. I’ll take a man in a rubber suit and English overdubs over a computer image any day. I immediately went out and bought Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Godzilla vs. Mothra, and Godzilla vs. Biollante. The $6.99 video price is worth every penny and more.
Garden City, Kan.


In your article “NBC sees Green,” you refer to Green Day as “a bunch of snotty punks.” Come on, your parents said that about the Beatles, David Bowie, and all of the bands that you liked when you were 15, didn’t they? Green Day’s lyrics are far from snotty, nor have I found them as offending as some things in other bands’ lyrics. It isn’t meant to tick people off, it’s meant to get a strong point across. Sometimes you have to scream to be heard, and maybe Green Day scream a little louder than the rest of us.
Owings Mills, Md.


Kudos to A.J. Jacobs for his tribute to Jaleel White (“Urkel’s Last Bow”). When my young son first induced me to watch Family Matters, I was prepared to scoff it off but soon grew to appreciate White’s astounding range. As the author of a book on film comedy, I’ve seen all the works of Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, etc., and I know that we have precious few current equivalents. White is one of them.
Iowa City


I was wondering when Carrie Donovan was going to be recognized for her wacky Old Navy spots. Degen Pener’s article answered all my questions except one. Who makes those fabulous glasses? I’ve been searching high and low for a pair.
New York City

EDITOR’S NOTE: Donovan bought the original pair in the 1960s but doesn’t recall where. Since they broke, New York’s Morgenthal-Frederics has made her replicas.

CORRECTIONS: Tony Awards Online ( is a daily updated website that lists all Tony Award nominees and winners from 1947 to the present (Multimedia). Evan Silverberg is pictured with Dylan Baker in Happiness; Rufus Read plays Baker’s son in that new movie. We misidentified Matthew Keeslar in a photo from The Last Days of Disco (Movies).