Mac’s back. Macaulay Culkin, who hasn’t been in a movie since 1994’s Richie Rich, is finally making his big return to the entertainment world. And after weighing every option, the Home Alone star has decided to take a role in…a music video? Now 17, Culkin makes his comeback in the clip for “Sunday,” a new song from alt-rockers Sonic Youth. Directed by controversy-monger Harmony Korine (Gummo)—a friend of the band who brought Culkin aboard after meeting him shortly before the shoot—the beautifully photographed video intermingles Culkin close-ups with graceful images of ballerinas. Culkin smooching with fiancee Rachel Miner is about as close as it gets to sensationalism.

Still, it’s hardly the role to propel Culkin back to the A list (people in the actor’s camp won’t comment on the work and say only that he’s “looking at options but hasn’t committed” to any other projects). The piece has aired only a few times on MTV, a far cry from the attention given Culkin’s last foray into music video—rapping on Michael Jackson‘s nutty 1991 clip for “Black or White.” “It’s definitely not mainstream,” says Kristin Hambsch, creative director at Geffen, Sonic Youth’s label. “People love it and think it’s beautiful, but it is very bizarre. It’s a little raw. But he looks so amazing.”

Maybe it’s not such a bad career move: Working with Sonic Youth is a quick way to establish hipster credentials. And hey, even with its limited airplay, the video has still probably been seen by more people than The Pagemaster.

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