What the country is talking about this week...

1 The X-Files movie Mulder and Scully uncover a world full of lies and deceit where nothing is as it seems. It’s called Hollywood.

2 Viagra A guy has bought $1 million worth of Viagra prescriptions for people who can’t afford it. It gives a whole new meaning to being “down and out.”

3 Mulan Disney’s animated film about a Chinese girl who dresses as a man and becomes a war hero. The sequel will be RuMulan.

4 Rolling Stones They would have had to pay nearly $20 million in taxes if they’d played four concerts in Britain. Their tax rates must be based on age.

5 Doctor Dolittle Eddie Murphy plays a man who can talk to the animals. And they all want money and a lift home.

6 Mom.com A woman plans to give birth live on the Internet. Finally, they’ve discovered the thing that will keep most men off the Web.

7 Jerry Van Dyke The Coach costar is opening his own film school. Learn how to leave the lens cap on and load film backward.

8 Baywatch Gena Lee Nolin is leaving. Can we expect a tragic bathing-suit mishap this fall?

9 Olestra The ingredient in popular fat-free potato chips makes some people sick. Yeah, the people who didn’t invent it.

10 Ally McBeal wear Fox wants to start selling clothes based on her wardrobe. For sizes 1/2 and under.

11 Washington, D.C. A magazine says it’s the best place to live in the East. If you’re a defense attorney.

12 Bobcat’s Big Ass Show Contestants compete for prizes by making complete fools of themselves. Unlike talk shows, where there are no prizes.

13 Older men, younger women A trend in summer films. Greenlighted by older men married to younger women.

14 Father’s Day Decisions, decisions. Would he prefer an ugly tie or ugly cuff links?

15 Golf carts Regulators want to put seat belts in them, which some say is a waste of money. Like playing golf isn’t.