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Holmes Girl

Age 19 Why her? With her beanstalk bod and sinful smile, Holmes isn’t the girl next door; she’s the girl you only wished you could live near. As titillating tomboy Joey, Holmes has helped turn The WB’s angst-a-rama Dawson’s Creek into the hottest teen soap on the tube this year. Success stress? Not for her, thanks to some unconventional career advice from her father: “My dad always says, ‘Do your best, and if they don’t like it, s— on them.'” Work habits “I like doing day shoots better than night—getting up early and getting home around 7 p.m. Night shoots are fun once in a while because you bond in weird ways. You’re totally out of it, and you start talking about the weirdest things.” Creative crutches When it comes to vices, Holmes is just looking for a jolt—of caffeine and sugar. “I’m so spoiled—I must have a Starbucks vanilla latte every day. Otherwise, it’s going to be a bad day. I also love Jelly Bellies. But that’s bad. Don’t tell my mom.” Weirdest career moment “My favorite movie when I was growing up was Pretty in Pink, and I just worked with Molly Ringwald [on Killing Mrs. Tingle]. I was totally starstruck the whole time. It was bizarre having lunch with her. I told her I was a big fan, and she was like, ‘Oh, thanks,’ probably thinking the whole time, You’re such a freak.” Next? Between another season of Creek, she’ll appear in a pair of teen thrillers, Tingle (written by Dawson creator Kevin Williamson) and Disturbing Behavior, as well as the kooky comedy Go (directed by Swingers‘ Doug Liman).

Springer’s Peacekeeper

Age 34 Why him? As the Jerry Springer Show director of security, he’s demonstrated outstanding bravery in the face of brawling hootchies. An ex-Marine and eight-year veteran of the Chicago police, Wilkos started to keep the peace four years ago, on a KKK episode. Since then, his job has heated up in direct proportion to the show’s ratings. “We used to do shows like ‘My Mother’s an Alien’ or reunion shows…. I was bored to death,” he says. “Once in a while we’d have explosive shows; now that’s all we do.” Work habits “I come from behind because, just like in a bar fight, if you step in the middle you’re likely to get hurt. With girls it’s difficult because they’re usually [pulling each other’s] hair. You’ve got to peel their fingers back or get a pressure point.” Weirdest career moment “Two girls were fighting and I went to break them up and my groin snapped in half…. I crawled right off stage.” Motto “Restrain and separate.” Next? The newest Too Hot for TV! video, out in July.

The Enviable One

Age 24 Why him? With a resume that includes Radio Days (playing Woody Allen as a boy) and Austin Powers (acting out as Dr. Evil’s recalcitrant son), along with nebbishy sexy turns in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Can’t Hardly Wait and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Green is just degrees away from becoming the Kevin Bacon of his generation. Work habits “Plenty of crystal meth and Jolt cola,” he jokes. “No, seriously. I’m just so excited to have a job that I do what I can to make it fun for the cast, the crew, and anyone else willing to watch.” Next? He’s a regular on next season’s Buffy and is currently completing Idle Hands, a comedic teen thriller.