Worst job ever? Favorite "Star Wars" character? We ask our It List the tough questions.


“I was the opening act for Gary Glitter, and we got booed off the stage. They wouldn’t even turn down the music when we went on. It was awful.” MIKE MYERS

“On the staff of Picket Fences in 1994, sitting around with three other writers while David E. Kelley wrote every episode.” DAVID MILLS, ER writer

“Playing Quasimodo at the Renaissance Fair.” ALESSANDRO NIVOLA

“I had to clean birdcages at a bird store. I hate birds.” PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON

“I repackaged drill bits…. It was me and a kid from French New Guinea. We took them out of packages that said ‘Made in Korea’ and put them in packages that said ‘Made in USA.'” BOB ODENKIRK, Mr. Show

“When I was 10, I did local commercials for Opryland, a theme park for the Grand Ole Opry. The embarrassing thing is that I’m wearing this hideous neon green outfit.” REESE WITHERSPOON

“A doughnut factory. I was waking up at 2 a.m. to report to work at 3, and by 3:15 I’d be elbow-deep in maple syrup for the maple doughnuts. Worst job ever. I lasted a week.” SHERMAN ALEXIE

“TCBY yogurt. I ate a lot of it. I lived on chocolate-and-vanilla swirl.” CAMERON DIAZ

“Pitching newspapers over the phone. My boss told me I had until 6 p.m. to sell three papers, otherwise I was fired. I prayed. I cried. I tried everything, but I didn’t do it. And he fired me!” LISA NICOLE CARSON

“Pin boy at a bowling alley.” DANIEL LANOIS

“[Deli] night-shift guy who had to put the least-fresh milk in the front of the case, and the newest in the back. It’s called ‘fronting the milk.'” DARREN ARONOFSKY

“Sweeping floors at Croissant and Company on 57th Street [in Manhattan]. I was fired because I had ‘attitude.’ They were like, ‘We’re letting you go. You don’t have what it takes.’ I was 17.” HOPE DAVIS


“You know, there is something about Chewie…something slightly erotic.” KATE BECKINSALE

“Han Solo. He just wanted to get paid.” VINCE VAUGHN

“Princess Leia gave me a woody…little did I know she’d be going into drug rehab.” BRIAN UNGER, The Daily Show

“Chewbacca. No one could tell what he was saying, so you could imitate his voice.” DJ Josh Wink

“Probably Dr. Spock, or is it Mr. Spock? The guy with the pointy ears.” DAVID CROSS, Mr. Show

“Harrison Ford. I am not gay, but I have the desire to smell and touch and meet him and hug him in my arms.” ROBERTO BENIGNI, Life Is Beautiful director

“Boba Fett. It always felt to me like he was going to be a major character, but he was always on the fringes. I wanted to know what was behind the mask.” SHERMAN ALEXIE

“I didn’t see it yet.” HALLIE EISENBERG, Paulie

“The Tauntauns [the kangaroo-with-sheep-horns Luke rides in the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back]. I wanted to have one of those as a pet. You could ride it.” ERIC FOGEL, Celebrity Deathmatch