TOY//HOT WHEELS CYBER RACERS (Mattel, $14.99) Barbie already plays with digital cameras and PCs, so it was only a matter of time before another venerable plaything — the Hot Wheels car — went high-tech. Cyber Racers look like the everyday ones from your old toy chest, except they’re tricked up with Tamagotchi-like LCD screens on the undercarriage. Thanks to the digital rig under the hood, you can time drag races and record laps around the kitchen floor, then ”fix” the simulated damage you sustain to the engine, tires, and body. As if all this beeping and buzzing weren’t enough, you can also call up two rudimentary racing videogames to play on the screen. Some things never change, though: Regardless of how full your virtual gas tank is, you’ll still have to push the car. B+