Chloe Sevigny crushes on Jim Carrey

“Well, I’m in love with Jim Carrey…. I’m obsessed with Jim Carrey. I have his picture on my wall. I would do any movie with Jim Carrey, anything he asks me to do. I always said I would never play a prostitute or a…lap dancer. But if Jim Carrey wanted me to, I’d do it.”—The Last Days of Disco‘s CHLOE SEVIGNY on RoughCut Online

“I get to make fun of Brooke Shields all day! And there’s not a thing she can do about it!”—Suddenly Susan‘s KATHY GRIFFIN on America Online

“Smart and funny would describe me, I think. Well, yeah, fat, I guess, would too. Smart, fat, funny, and outdoorsy are three — four words—I think that best describe me.”—Dirty Work‘s ARTIE LANGE on RoughCut Online

“[Hollywood is] settin’ me up to tear me down, like with Cable Guy. It’s not like I sent my guys out on the town and said, ‘Get me a drama.’…Life is about protecting your spark. That’s what I get paid for, not to make choices in my life that dwindle the excitement to do what I do.”—The Truman Show‘s JIM CARREY on E! Online