By Daniel Fierman
Updated June 26, 1998 at 12:00 PM EDT

Q In an early scene in the X-Files movie, Mulder drinks himself silly, then exits to a dark alleyway to relieve himself…on a poster for Independence Day. What started this pissing contest?

A “It was just a piece of set dressing,” series creator Chris Carter says diplomatically. But a little Scully-style investigating reveals the true conspiracy. “Chris saw [ID4] and hated it,” spills Files director Rob Bowman, who adds that it was indeed Carter’s idea to have Mulder micturate on the earlier bug-eyed-alien flick. Confronted with the truth, Carter splits hairs: If you look carefully, he says, Mulder did not actually “pee on the poster. It was above his urine level.” ID4 producer Dean Devlin didn’t return calls, but don’t be surprised if the Godzilla sequel features the lizard stomping all over FBI headquarters.

With reporting by Jessica Shaw