"The X-Files" is No. 1 at the box office, and star Gillian Anderson praises the film's director

“The X-Files” TV show has employed a lot of directors in its five-year history (29 to be exact). So Twentieth Century Fox — and creator Chris Carter — faced a difficult process of elimination when they had to choose one director to spearhead the feature film, “X-Files: Fight the Future,” which had a huge opening this past weekend with a box office gross of $31 million. The job eventually went to Rob Bowman, 38, who has directed 25 of the show’s 117 episodes (21%) — more than anyone else.

Gillian Anderson, 29, told EW Online that the choice of Bowman was no mystery to her; her favorite episode, “Piper Maru” (in which Mulder and Sculley first encounter the oily-filmed aliens similar to the ones seen in the movie), was directed by Bowman. “Rob’s vision is very structured but spontaneous at the same time,” says Anderson. “He takes things to the absolute extreme, and he’s shown that he can do things on a large scale.” That includes supersizing the studio’s box office take, of course.

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