Chatting with Srinija "Ninja" Srinivasan, the 26-year-old vice president/editor in chief of the Web giant

As categorization authority for the mega-successful Web guide Yahoo!, Srinija “Ninja” Srinivasan is the Web’s ultimate librarian, karate-chopping her way through an ever-increasing, seemingly infinite number of sites (at least 2 million as of May 1998). The 26-year-old Stanford graduate and official Ontological Yahoo (a.k.a. vice president/editor in chief) wields serious power in the online world, deciding when and how websites get added to Yahoo!’s directory. But she never knows where the next one’ll pop up: “I was on a plane home, and I noticed a guy with a URL tattooed on his head. When I got back, I made sure we had it.”