EW grades the movies and their tie-in websites

The Horse Whisperer
Movie Grade B/Website Grade C+
(http://www.movies.com/horsewhisperer) Robert Redford’s golden touch works wonders for this dramatic adaptation of Nicholas Evans’ best-seller, but his healing powers can’t save the dull, text-heavy website.

Quest for Camelot
Movie Grade C/Website Grade B+
(http://www.quest4camelot.com) Succeeds in its quest with colorful games, background notes, and the usual promo gear—even if Warner’s first animated feature lacks the artistry that makes Disney cartoons appealing to grown-ups.

A Perfect Murder
Movie Grade B-/Website Grade B
(www.aperfectmurder.com) Both movie and website of the new version of Dial M for Murder take you on a tour of NYC. But good luck navigating the site; the online whodunit’s a neat idea but more confusing than fun.

The Truman Show
Movie Grade A/Website Grade A-
(http://www.truman-show.com) Online, the movie goes one meta-step further into JenniCAM territory by peeking into the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and yard of Truman (Jim Carrey) with fancy effects by Shockwave and QuickTime VR.

Deep Impact
Movie Grade B-/Website Grade A-
(http://www.deep-impact.com) Never knew the difference between a comet, an asteroid, and a meteoroid? Surf here and get all kinds of science-nerd facts—or behind-the-scenes scoops. Certainly deeper than the film.