A grab bag of gadgets for the gamest gamers

Concept Kitchen Fingertip Stylus

It just looks like Marilyn Manson’s earwax remover. Actually, this handy pointer ($19.95) lets touch-screen PDA and PalmPilot users forgo their pen styluses without having to use their smudge-inducing fingers.

Game Boy Camera

Forget Tetris: Pop in this Nintendo cartridge ($49.95) and transform your handheld gaming unit into a digital photo booth. Add the optional printer ($59.95) and turn your pics into cool, low-rez black-and-white stickers.

Sony Portable MiniDisc Player/Recorder

Mini-disc technology is huge in Japan, but will it catch on here? This super-compact player ($449.95) features digital-quality recording, shock-resistant playback, and your music files will never degrade—even after a zillion plays.

Intensor Video Game Chair

Fasten your seatbelts: This cyberseat ($300-600) is a tactile feedback unit that uses a Surround Sound system and vibrating surface to rock & roll with your fave console or PC games. It even works with audio CD and DVD players. But we’ll be watching Deep Impact from the couch, thank you.