“Famous or not, using drugs depends more on who you are at any given time…. Fame can push a person both ways. Being famous could make you [invulnerable]: Nothing can hurt you, so do whatever you want with drugs, sex, treat people poorly. Or fame can make you feel more vulnerable. You can feel like you guard your privacy very tightly.”—FriendsLISA KUDROW on E! Online

“Well, first of all, I am not a fruit. But if I were, I think I would be one of those poison ones that no one wants to eat. One that your parents tell you not to eat, so you get to live on the tree and hang out.”—Dirty Work‘s NORM MACDONALD on E! Online

“I have done songs that Frank Sinatra has done, but I have never done a CD just of his songs because no one could do them better than him. As far as [being cast in a Sinatra biography]…I am not interested in portraying his life. His life is so well documented. What could they possibly do to improve on that?”—Hope FloatsHARRY CONNICK JR. on America Online

“A lot of my peers started getting jobs in their mid-20s. John Hughes’ movies helped. A lot of us who looked younger than we were got work.”—Mr. Jealousy‘s ERIC STOLTZ on AOL