Do you miss the young Helen Hunt? Favor the Tom Cruise of "All the Right Moves"? Not to worry: These up-and-comers are looking extremely familiar.

Seems those Scottish scientists aren’t the only ones who know from cloning. Apparently Hollywood is home to a secret laboratory where they mint eerie celeb doppelgangers—younger, cheaper versions of big-screen titans. At least you’d think so from the posse of look-alikes who are popping up at the cinema these days. Brad Pitt fans need not wait for November’s Meet Joe Black to get their fix. They can simply check out the work of Pitt, Part Deux: a rising hunk named Brad Rowe. Herewith, a guide to the double threats.

BRAD ROWE, 28, star of Sundance fave Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss. BRAD PITT, 34, star of Sundance Kid’s A River Runs Through It. WEIRD COINCIDENCE? Kiss‘ plot centers on a batch of homoerotic photos; Pitt appeared in Playgirl. QUOTE Rowe’s agent declines to comment, pointing out Rowe “is an actor in his own right.” But in the past, the Pitt twin has said: ”I hear [the comparison] every day. It’s good in a lot of ways. He’s a hot commodity.”

PETER FACINELLI, 23, studly football star in new teen flick Can’t Hardly Wait. TOM CRUISE, 35, studly football star in All the Right Moves. WEIRD COINCIDENCE? Facinelli committed suicide in ’96 TV movie After Jimmy; Cruise nearly committed career suicide in Cocktail. QUOTE “I don’t think Peter’s necessarily trying to be the next Tom Cruise,” says Wait codirector Deborah Kaplan. “It’s one of those things agents and publicists and managers hook on to.”

LEELEE SOBIESKI, 16, Elijah Wood’s feisty wife in the serious sci-fi film Deep Impact, which people are mad about. HELEN HUNT, 35, Paul Reiser’s feisty wife in Mad About You. WEIRD COINCIDENCE? Sobieski’s a ringer for a young Hunt (circa the mid-’70s series Swiss Family Robinson), who’s a ringer for a young Jodie Foster, who starred in last summer’s serious sci-fi film, Contact. QUOTE “It can’t be a bad thing that people think we look alike,” says Sobieski.

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, 28, smoldering, raven-haired temptress opposite Antonio Banderas in upcoming The Mask of Zorro. ESMERALDA, 167, smoldering, raven-haired temptress in Disney’s 1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame. WEIRD COINCIDENCE? Esmeralda once linked to King of the Idiots Quasimodo; Zeta-Jones once linked to Rain Man exec producer Jon Peters. QUOTE No comment from Zeta-Jones’ camp.