This week on the music beat

BECK AND FORTH What a difference a Grammy makes. Well before Beck won the award for Best Alternative Music Performance for Odelay in 1997, he made a deal with DGC Records allowing him to release albums on other labels at will—a right he has exercised liberally. But ever since Beck announced that he would give his Odelay follow-up to his old buddies at the indie Bong Load (which first released his “Loser” in 1993), rumors have circulated that DGC is seeking to persuade the poster boy of postmodern cool to let them have it instead. A DGC spokesperson denies that the label is vying for the recently completed album, saying the sole issue on the table is whether Bong Load “will give it to us to distribute or not.” Meanwhile, the folks at Bong Load seem oddly out of the loop. “Every day I hear a different story or rumor,” says label manager John Oreshnick, “but we haven’t gotten anything definitive from Beck’s management or from [DGC] as to when and if we will release it. We’re just in a sit-and-wait kind of mode.” Yo, Beck, where’s it at?

GRACE UNDER FIRE? Is Madonna a closet Jefferson Airplane fan? According to Internet news service, La Ciccone reportedly sought to buy the film rights to former Airplane singer Grace Slick‘s forthcoming autobiography, Somebody to Love? (due in September), but negotiations broke down when Slick learned that the Maternal Girl had Demi Moore in mind for the lead role. A source confirms that Slick nixed the request, saying she wanted the part to go to her own daughter, China Kantner, a sometime actress and ex-MTV veejay. Slick declined to comment, while a spokesperson for Madonna says “It never happened.” Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, did not respond to questions about whether she will be available to play her own mom a couple of decades hence.