Dimension Films wants to make a new "Rambo," but will Stallone be replaced?

Sylvester Stallone announced during the making of last year’s “Cop Land” that he was through with action movies. Even so, Dimension Films has hired a writer to pen a fourth “Rambo” in hopes of signing the muscle-clad actor, who last played the peaceful-until-provoked Vietnam vet, John Rambo, ten years ago in “Rambo III.”

The Miramax-owned production company has reportedly said that it will not produce a “Rambo” sequel without Stallone’s participation. But perhaps that’s hasty thinking: There are other stars who, with the proper fitness coach, weapons training, and sweaty headband, could take over his role and win whole new audiences. We suggest the following:

Chow Yun-Fat The Hong Kong action star has the athletic ability, although he was criticized for his weak grasp of the English language in his American debut, “The Replacement Killers.” Then again, Stallone isn’t exactly Henry Higgins.

Tom Cruise He’s been trapped in England filming “Eyes Wide Shut” with Stanley Kubrick for more than a year, performing take after take of the same scene: The mind-freeing catharsis of nonstop machine-gun fire would be a refreshing change.

Helena Bonham Carter She’s already a Miramax mainstay, so why not strap her into a bulletproof corset and let her kick ass for once?

Charlton Heston As the new president of the NRA, he can use the movie to teach people that guns don’t kill people — only vengeful military-trained loners with guns kill people.

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