The Tango Lesson

THE TANGO LESSON Sally Potter, Pablo Veron (1997, Columbia TriStar, PG, $98.99, partially subtitled) Sally Potter (Orlando) directs and stars in this fictional love story, with echoes of Potter’s own life, about a filmmaker who falls head over heels for an Argentinean tango dancer. Her emotion at least is believable: Potter looks so lovesick when she sees the unattainable Veron dance that you want to shake her.

Although he’s an accomplished tanguero, acting novice Veron’s range runs the gamut from angry to ticked off, and even tango flourishes can’t cover dialogue that limps from one cliche to another (Veron: ”I didn’t choose the tango, the tango chose me”). Fortunately, on tape ”Tango” viewers can zip to the intricate dance scenes among Argentina’s cafe society.

The Tango Lesson
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