Second Round Knockout

CANIBUS ”Second Round Knockout” (Universal) LL COOL J ”The Ripper Strikes Back” (Def Jam) The latest rap rivalry revolves around new jack Canibus and old-school vet LL Cool J, over insults LL dropped on his hit ”4-3-2-1.” Canibus gets the first punch, aided by an ominous, Wyclef-coproduced groove, Mike Tyson (!) coaching him ”to eat MCs,” and his own brutal rasp. LL wins the match, however, with funnier rhymes, telling his nemesis to ”call Jesse Jackson for affirmative action” and dissing the Fugees as ”Bob Marley impostors” (Wyclef’s own riposte to LL is forthcoming). Both lose points, though, by stooping to homophobia; making LL’s response available only as a limited-edition bonus on DMX’s CD smacks of pro wrestling. ”Knockout”: B+ ”Ripper”: A-

Second Round Knockout
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