Perhaps Jenna Elfman summed it up best: ”This is much more laid-back than other shows,” the Dharma & Greg star said of the MTV Movie Awards, held May 30 in Santa Monica. ”Everyone has a kind of lighthearted and f — – it attitude.” For sure. Among the mellow were Jakob Dylan, who stood transfixed watching Natalie Imbruglia perform; Jamie Lee Curtis, whose outfit left her shivering (”I’m presenting Best Performance in Ice by an Actress in a Shaking Role,” she noted); model Helena Christensen, who debuted her green hair; and new couple Courteney Cox and David Arquette. To some, however, all awards shows are created equal. Leonardo DiCaprio, who won as Best Actor, treated MTV the same as he did the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: He didn’t show. Still, some celebs went all out. ”I haven’t slept since yesterday,” said Scream 2’s Neve Campbell, who came from the Toronto set of Three to Tango to pick up her Best Actress statuette. Others could barely contain themselves. ”My top keeps falling off,” said Wild Things’ Denise Richards. And at least one was not too jaded to be starstruck. ”I just met Puff Daddy!” shouted Brandy. ”I’m just so appalled by him!” Appalled? ”I’m sorry,” she corrected, ”I mean enthralled.” Aren’t we all.