Mr. Jealousy

MR. JEALOUSY (Lions Gate, R) Have there ever been two less energetic stars than Eric Stoltz and Annabella Sciorra? Casting this diffident duo in an allegedly romantic comedy proves disastrous; they suck the air out of virtually every scene. Stoltz plays a frustrated writer who seeks to dig up dirt on his new girlfriend (Sciorra) by joining the therapy group of her ex-boyfriend (The Last Days of Disco’s Chris Eigeman). It’s an intriguing premise that gets bogged down in self-indulgence as writer-director Noah Baumbach (Kicking and Screaming) provides his own voice-over narration, intrusively explaining what everyone’s thinking. In one of the movie’s many pointless homages, Peter Bogdanovich appears as Stoltz’s shrink. Too bad Mr. Jealousy plays more like that famed director’s bomb They All Laughed than like his Last Picture Show. D+

Mr. Jealousy
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