Critical Mass: Our reviews of Dawson’s Creek and Sonny & Me: Cher Remembers (#433, May 22) had readers sharpening their knives. Unhappy with Ken Tucker’s grade-D assessment of Sonny & Me, Cher disciple Doug Wemple of St. Louis inquired: ”So when did Tucker suffer massive head trauma anyway?” Dawson’s Creek fan Bill Wilton of Carthage, N.Y., protested that ”this is a show that teenagers can relate to, even if the characters are somewhat self-absorbed…. I’m counting the days until the season premiere.” But the bulk of mail came from viewers who were in critical condition over the cancellation of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Phoenix’s Jennifer Followwill pined: ”For six years, I looked forward to my Saturday nights…and a show that was funny, entertaining, and promoted family values.” Hey, there’s always Cops.


Once again another summer blockbuster is all hype and little substance (”Stomp the World”). Godzilla further proves my theory that when it comes to the major studios the size of the budget is directly proportional to the quality (or lack thereof) of the script. If you’re going to spend the equivalent of the exports of a Third World country on a film, then by all means spend some time and effort on the script. LLOYD L. CORRICELLI Kissimmee, Fla.

Am I the only one who left the theater wondering ”Where was Godzilla?” Not the Rancor monster/T. rex/Alien hybrid on screen, but Godzilla?! I mean, you can’t just create a monster and call it Godzilla! Godzilla is Godzilla, and everyone knows what he looks like. (Was anyone else waiting for him to stand upright?) Personally, I already miss the old one. NICK SAGLIMBENI Los Angeles


Finally, somebody is recognizing Michael Hutchence’s untimely death (”In Excess?”) and updating us interested Americans (probably the same 165,000 who bought Elegantly Wasted) on the status of the investigation. He was a talented man, and those of us who recognized his talent are interested in hearing about how he will be remembered. CRISTIN KILBRIDE Tallahassee, Fl.


”DAWSON CREAKS”?! It’s ”bogged down by cliches”? Isn’t that the point? At least it’s ”self-aware.” I’d much rather watch it than the plethora of derivative soaps on daytime TV. And, come on, who didn’t want Joey and Dawson to get together? MARK COOKE Oakland, Calif.


Sometimes your shortest articles can enlighten the most. Case in point: ”Steven Encountered” (Video). Steven Spielberg’s comments about how, in 1997, he ”would never have made Close Encounters the way I made it in 1977” reveal a lot not only about his current wayward career (Schindler’s List is a glorious exception) but the present state of Hollywood in general. Especially telling is his line ”I’m now a movie producer as well as a director…. [I] was much more idealistic then.” This comment reveals how box office and product driven Spielberg and Hollywood have become. JOE STEMME Hollywood