Now that Ginger has stopped the Spice World and gotten off, the question remains: Whither all those commodities featuring the Fab Five? Chupa Chups, which markets Spice Girls lollipops and bubble gum, says it still hasn’t decided whether to de-Ginger its overseas line of 14 products. ”We’re debating the question,” says Greg Heanue, Chupa’s business-development supervisor. Heanue adds that Chupa is postponing any decisions, in part because of the spicy rumor that Ginger’s exit may be a publicity stunt. Other merchandise remains a go. Polaroid, which debuted the SpiceCam in the U.S. last April, is leaving the camera in stores. ”The way we see it is, it’s a collector’s item,” says a spokeswoman. And all five of Galoob’s Spice Girls On Tour dolls were shipped, as scheduled, June 1, though the company won’t say whether it will now pull Ginger Spice from the racks.