The Hanging Garden

THE HANGING GARDEN (Goldwyn, R) There’s enough family dysfunction in this haunting Canadian oddity to fill a sweeps-week’s worth of Jerry Springers: William (Chris Leavins) is a gay, formerly overweight asthmatic; his father (Peter MacNeill) is a physically abusive alcoholic; his grandma (Joan Orenstein) suffers from Alzheimer’s; his sister (Kerry Fox) married one of his ex-lovers (Joel S. Keller); hell, even the family dog’s going blind. Writer-director Thom Fitzgerald’s script wobbles between chilly deadpan comedy and overheated surrealistic melodrama, but he’s chosen a superb cast, especially Troy Veinotte, who’s heartbreakingly good as the obese teen William in extended flashbacks. Bonus for fans of last year’s The Sweet Hereafter: The lovely Sarah Polley appears as the younger version of William’s sister. B

The Hanging Garden
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