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”Getting to meet all the other celebs, like Felix the Cat and Al Roker. Oh, yeah, and the free jam doughnuts.” — NewsRadio’s ANDY DICK on the perks of fame, on E! Online

”[Hugh’s] got Julia Roberts [in The Notting Hill Project, now filming], and I’ve got Matthew McConaughey [in Ed TV], so between us it’s an occupational hazard.” — ELIZABETH HURLEY on filming kissing scenes, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”Start with a horrible childhood, add intense self-absorption, shake in an old vinegar jar, and pour over a glass filled with gravel.” — Ex-Kid in the Hall SCOTT THOMPSON on ”how he got to be so funny” on America Online

”I immediately went to Diane Sawyer because of the hair. Love her hair.” — TEA LEONI on researching her Deep Impact role, on

”I never really did breathe flames. It was a trick. Just like in the circus. They made me swallow lighter fluid. That stuff is hell on your kidneys.” — GODZILLA, ”interviewed” on