Like many software companies, Microsoft puts ”Easter eggs” in its programs: Enter the right keystrokes and a hidden treat pops up. We haven’t heard what’s in store for Windows 98, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see any of these. — Matt Lake

— Hold down the Window key and press 9-8. A list of credits scrolls up naming members of the Department of Justice who are investigating the White House sex scandal instead of Microsoft.

— Hit the letter e. Automatically E-mails a message to the DOJ expressing your support of Microsoft’s business practices.

— Hold down the Control key. Launches the hidden game Whack-a-Nader.

— Hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F1 with your left hand and Home+End+Insert+F12 with your right hand. Accesses a list of carpal-tunnel specialists in your area.

— Press the Start button followed by Shut Down. The static black screen is quickly followed by an accelerated wide-screen 32-bit color 3-D version of real life.