David Letterman launches an online site

David Letterman’s new “Late Show” website launches this week after six months of development. In addition to a Top Ten list archive, classic video clips (including the famous Farrah Fawcett meltdown), and RealAudio recordings of Dave’s monologues, the site features web-only extras such as Letterman delivering a video Top Ten list: “Top Ten Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time Online.” (#7: “Instead of leaving your computer to use the bathroom, you ‘download’ into an old 2-liter Dr. Pepper bottle.”) After every night’s show, Dave also records a minute-long audio “Comedy Review” for the site, in which he chats with his cue-card man, Tony Mendez.

“Basically, Dave and Tony sit down and wing it,” says “Late Show” online coproducer Walter Kim. “It always ends up with them yelling at each other, calling each other idiots, but we’ll take anything we can get from Dave.” “Late Show” launched the site (after an abortive year on America Online) to cater to its large online fan base. Still, fans shouldn’t plan on bumping into Dave in the chat halls. “Frankly,” says coproducer Jay Johnson, “I think Dave’s frightened by computers.”

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