Stay tuned for "The Truman Show" mockumentary

By Anita M. Busch
June 11, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT
  • Movie

The day after the June 1 L.A. premiere of “The Truman Show,” director Peter Weir and screenwriter Andrew Niccol began editing a half-hour mockumentary on the life of Truman Burbank, according to an article in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. In the short film, which Weir shot during the production of the movie, Harry Shearer — as TV host Mike Michaelson — interviews members of “The Truman Show”‘s cast and crew. (A few similar snippets were used in the film itself.) Included in the mockumentary will be scenes of Truman as a baby, as well as clips from his adolescence and wedding. So far, the film has no distributor, but it’s expected to debut on pay cable.

Despite “The Truman Show”‘s $31.5 million opening, Weir and Niccol say they are leery of doing a full-length sequel. But when asked what he imagined would happen to Truman after the movie ends, Weir said, “One version might be Truman — hoping for anonymity — changes his name to Jim Carrey, moves to Canada, and decides to become a stand-up comedian.”