"The Truman Show"'s Harry Shearer gets no invite to the film's premiere

In “The Truman Show” (Paramount), the entire country watches everything that Jim Carrey does. But the film’s studio doesn’t seem to enjoy being under similarly close scrutiny. Harry Shearer, who has a small role in the film as a TV host, suspects that he wasn’t invited to the L.A. premiere last Monday because the producers are angry about a behind-the-scenes article he wrote about the movie for Details magazine.

“It was a harmlessly droll little diary about my experiences on ‘The Truman Show,'” says Shearer, who also appears in “Godzilla.” The article, which ran in the March issue of Details, is hardly an exposé: The only people who come off badly are a grouchy teamster and a hairdresser’s yelpy dog. Shearer suspects it was the piece’s sensational and misleading headline, “The Trouble with Carrey,” that peeved producers. (Paramount did not offer comment by EW Online’s deadline.)

The first sentence in the story makes it clear that the piece is not an assault on Carrey: “Never once during my participation in ‘The Truman Show’ did I lay eyes on Jim.” Shearer admits that he has only met the actor once, while Carrey was on “In Living Color.” “Details had the temerity to give the story a fairly inaccurate headline,” says Shearer. “But everybody knows people who write stuff rarely write their own headlines.” Evidently not everybody.

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