'X-Files' Burning Questions

Ahhhhhh, summer: a time to stroll aimlessly along the beach, to savor the hickory smells of barbecue. A time to…pound your head into the wall trying to figure out what the hell is happening on ‘The X-Files’?!?!?! Not that there aren’t always scorching head scratchers punctuating each season, but the show dropped a couple of particularly provocative clues recently:

1. In ”Travelers” (March 29), Agent Fox Mulder is sporting a wedding band in a circa-1990 flashback. Are we to assume he was once married — and could the someone be the suspicious Mimi Rogers character (Diana Fowley) introduced in the season finale? Answer: ”What did your fourth-grade teacher tell you when you assumed something?” asks an X-Files source. ”It makes an ass out of who?” Any chance this will be resolved in the movie? Nope.

2. In the same episode’s flashback, Mulder is smoking a cigarette. Was this some heavy-handed clue to Cigarette Smoking Man (CSM) being Fox’s real father, as well as Agent Spender’s (and duh to that, since the same actor — Chris Owens — who plays Spender played the young CSM in 1996)? Answer: ”Mulder and Spender aren’t twins,” teases our source. ”Eventually, it will all become clear.” Not, however, in the movie.

3. This season found partners Mulder and Dana Scully frequently apart — a frustrating development for those who find their tantalizingly repressed chemistry to be the heart of the show. Will this trend continue? Answer: No. The separation, according to coexec producer Frank Spotnitz, was necessary because either David Duchovny (Mulder) or Gillian Anderson (Scully) was needed on the L.A. movie set for reshoots. And fear not, the film will find the duo not only together, but trying a little tenderness.

4. If CSM smokes so much, how come Mulder didn’t even try to chase him in the parking lot during the season finale? How fast can a five-pack-a-day guy run, anyway? Answer: It’s The X-Files. Why ask why?

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