"Mystery Science Theater 3000" is renewed

The Sci-Fi Channel has renewed “Mystery Science Theater 3000” for its 10th season, greenlighting 13 more episodes in which an earthling and his two robots gleefully mock cheesy outer-space flicks. And if it’s left up to the show’s creators, the snarky wisecracks will continue into the 21st century. “I think it comes down to whether the show is interesting or funny for us and our audience,” says Kevin Murphy, a producer and the voice of robot Tom Servo. “If those two things hold true, Lord knows how long we’ll go on.”

Unlike many long-running TV shows, the inspiration for “MST3K”‘s humor is as expansive as the Milky Way. “You think the series is done, you think you’ve had it, and then a movie like ‘Hobgoblin’ shows up and injects new life into the show,” says the series’ host and head writer Mike Nelson. “Or a new death, depending on how you look at it.”

(Hear an audio interview with the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” guys in EW Special Edition, which is free for EW magazine subscribers.)

Mystery Science Theater 3000
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