A pair of inner-city con artists named Black and Blue steal a vanload of cellular phones and try to make some fast cash by ”hooking up” the neighborhood. Soon, everyone from the local club gangster to the FBI comes down on their asses. That’s pretty much all there is to watch in I Got the Hook-Up — unless, of course, you count the raggedy, degraded sniping that threatens to turn the entire movie into a protracted street-corner hustle. It remains to be seen whether Master P, the young hip-hop entrepreneur who wrote, financed, and costars in this noisy free-for-all (as Black, he wears gold teeth and a wool ski cap but projects the cushiony savoir faire of…a young hip-hop entrepreneur), can succeed in packaging rowdy, ill-tempered one-upmanship as the latest depressing style of blaxploitation. The mood of sour misanthropy may come off as a be-hard-or-get-crushed vision of life on the street, but that doesn’t make it insightful (or pleasurable). C-

I Got the Hook-up
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