This week on the music beat

CAUGHT STEALING? Ex-Porno for Pyros frontman Perry Farrell may have never meant to become a porn star, but an adult-entertainment company had its own ideas. In federal court May 14, the rocker obtained a temporary restraining order restricting website Spy7 and parent company Fairchild Kirby from disseminating a sex-and-syringe-filled Farrell home video. A $90 million lawsuit filed by Farrell’s attorney Edwin McPherson contends a tape ”depicting him and his girlfriend at the time engaged in various explicit sexual and intimate relations” was ”apparently stolen from Plaintiff’s home.” In response, Spy7 says Farrell must be thinking of another video, because theirs has him being gratified by two women — and he signed a release granting them full rights to distribute it. McPherson, who just subpoenaed a copy of Spy7’s video, now agrees that it is different from the one described in the suit, but argues that the signature on Spy7’s release ”appears to be a forgery.”

Though sex figures on Spy7’s tape, ”the brunt of it is a Sid and Nancy-type situation,” says operations manager Bill Green, describing a ”wasted” Farrell and female companion ”rambling and carrying on in the back of a limo.” Green says the woman had left ex-Jane’s Addiction leader Farrell for another member of that group, then returned to him, inspiring Farrell to make the video with the intention of sending it to the bandmate. Instead, he gave it to another party, allegedly saying ”You can probably make some money with it.” Green won’t name the recipient, but McPherson says Fairchild Kirby is owned by private eye Frank Monte, who once worked for Farrell.

The needles may fall under the category ”Nothing’s Shocking,” given Farrell’s frankness about enjoying drugs. But why give it away? ”If you knew the guy,” offers Green, ”you’d realize that sometimes he just signs anything.” But McPherson — (who’s currently also representing Bret Michaels in his sex-video suit) claims it’s just the latest case he’s had to deal with of a private investigator peddling celebrity sex. ”They seem to do well at this business, somehow.”