Harry Shearer's recent appearances in films

WHAT’S HE UP TO? Playing the slimy news anchor in Godzilla and the talking head who introduces highlights in The Truman Show.

WHERE HAVE YOU SEEN (OR HEARD) HIM BEFORE? The former Saturday Night Live regular, who cowrote and costarred in This Is Spi¨al Tap, hosts Le Show, a weekly program on NPR, and provides voices for The Simpsons, including his favorite, Mr. Burns. ”Since the contract negotiations, I think I’m giving him a little more of an edge.”

WHAT’S NEXT? He’ll play — surprise — a talk-show host in Ron Howard’s ED TV and then Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy in the comedy Dick. ”I’ve already done 25 years of research,” he jokes. Then there are the book projects. ”I can’t talk about these yet, because I don’t have what they call in the book business, um, an idea.”