”This is an enormous, enormous rumor on the Internet, and it’s not true. Somebody had posted supposedly official press releases from the producer’s office saying that Seven would be a lesbian, and it’s not true. Now.” — Star Trek: Voyager‘s Jeri Ryan on

”My thing with Quentin [Tarantino] is not personal. I don’t wish him any harm. I’m not deriving glee from the fact that his reviews were not kind. I have issues with his excessive use of the N-word. I never, ever, ever, ever said he wasn’t entitled to use the word. But 38 times in Jackie Brown? I feel that’s excessive.” — He Got Game director Spike Lee on E! Online

”Well, I’m an entertainer. I’m an actor, director, writer, producer. That’s my job, to be entertaining…. I find this movie very funny…. It is not intended as a movie with a message. — Bulworth‘s Warren Beatty on RoughCut Online

”I don’t waste my time to watch that low-quality episode! No, I don’t waste my time! I never watch [Seinfeld] because, again, I don’t believe he is a talented person!” — Al ”The Soup Man” Yeganeh on Real Hollywood Online

”I was in my school cafeteria…eating lunch and a casting person asked me to audition. I never thought of being an actress. But I said, ‘Okay, why not.’ I didn’t know all that was involved.” — Deep Impact‘s Leelee Sobieski on America Online