The Best American Movie Writing 1998

A veritable multiplex of sharp prose, this inaugural edition of a welcome anthology series offers 22 nonfiction entertainments — profiles, reviews, reportage, memoirs, and meditations in The Best American Movie Writing 1998. Intellectual heavy hitters weigh in on varied topics (Garry Wills compares Oliver Stone to Dostoyevsky; Susan Sontag discusses the death of cinephilia), while less heady but equally insightful pieces include Plimpton’s whimsical portrait of Warren Beatty and Edward Field’s tales of cruising at seedy theaters. Steven Spielberg, quoted for the book’s epigraph, notes that ”the next best thing to seeing movies is reading about them.” It’s worth elaborating that essays like these help us see more clearly — not merely by shaping our opinions of movies but by deepening our love of them. A

The Best American Movie Writing 1998
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