The "X-Files" creator sees conspiracies among studio executives

For Chris Carter, writer and executive producer of the film “The X-Files: Fight the Future” (opening June 19), conspiracies don’t just exist in Scully and Mulder’s world: They also exist in Hollywood. During five years of working on the hit Fox series and feature film, the “X-Files” creator has learned that the network and studio brass working on his projects are not always his allies.

“There are simply a lot of people in Hollywood who create value in their position by being destroyers,” Carter, 41, told Ken Tucker for the June 12 Entertainment Weekly cover story. “That is, they become part of a project by threatening it — by being the guy who acts like he’s going to be the voice of reason, or the voice of power, or the voice of veto, and who ends up draining the originality and creativity out of the process of making a movie or a TV show. There are too many of those people out there.

“That, if anything, is what’s made me, in some people’s minds, ‘a control freak.’ I’m known as a difficult person, because I’m always pushing to make it good, and the truth is, [the studio is] always pushing to make it cheap. I prefer to think of it as just wanting to keep the destroyers at bay.”

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