Scott Weiland's drug arrest is another setback in a faltering career

12 Bar Blues

When former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland, 30, was arrested in Manhattan Monday afternoon for possession of $100 worth of heroin, it was yet another episode in a series of career setbacks. Although his current mini-tour had been filling 800-1,000 seat venues, Weiland’s much-hyped solo CD, “12 Bar Blues,” has sold a paltry 90,000 copies, according to SoundScan. (Compare that to the 4.3 million copies sold of STP’s 1992 debut CD, “Core.”) Cutting the tour short — Weiland canceled Monday’s and Tuesday’s shows — probably won’t be the deciding factor in the fate of his CD. “This record is widely considered a resounding failure,” says Entertainment Weekly senior music editor John McAlley. “The only thing that could salvage it would be some spontaneous interest in an individual track by radio stations, and that’s unlikely. Consumers alone can’t salvage it.”

Weiland has been arrested once a year since 1995 and has reportedly been to rehab 14 times in that three-year period. It was his addiction that led Stone Temple Pilots to oust him as their frontman and call off three free concerts in 1996 promoting the band’s final album “Tiny Music” — which went on to sell a disappointing 1.5 million copies. “Fans might have wanted to see him solve his problems at first, but when he relapses publicly for the fourth time, it’s tough to get any sympathy,” says McAlley. “He needs to forget about his career and his record sales and deal with his problem.”

12 Bar Blues
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