Now that Ginger is gone, what will become of the Spice Girls?

After Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) announced Sunday that she doesn’t wannabe a Spice Girl anymore, many wondered whether this bubblegum group’s lucky bubble had finally popped. The four remaining Spices quickly assured fans that the band’s 40-city North American tour, which kicks off June 15 in Miami, was still on.

Music industry experts agree that the Spice Girls, who have sold 30 million albums and built an empire projected to be worth $500 million by 2000, should continue to prosper — even at 80% Girl Power. “Even if all the Ginger fans said they would tear up their concert tickets, at worst, that would be only one-fifth of their fan base,” says Entertainment Weekly’s Tom Sinclair.

Sinclair believes the group should hold an open call to replace the missing redheaded Spice. “Auditions could really pump up public interest and provide a publicity bonanza,” he says. But in choosing their newest member, the Girls should be careful to remember what made them stars. “They should pick an unknown,” says Sinclair. “They all started off as young wannabes who made good, so that’s the image they should continue.”