''South Park'' online -- The best of sites dedicated to the Comedy Central show

By Kristen Baldwin
Updated May 29, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

You can’t swing a dead kid in a parka lately without hitting another South Park fan website. Some of the hundreds of sites even celebrate the show’s do-it-yourself ethic with actual cleverness. A few choice Park-ing spots:

Best Fan Fiction: Beef-Cake.com
What goes best with crass third graders? The delicate Japanese art known as haiku, of course. Enjoy archived fan poems like ”Cartman morbidly obese/Kenny suffering death/That’s everyday life.” Or submit your own.

Best Murders: {Blank} Killed Kenny (members.aol.com/ WallyDip/Kenny.html)
Blending ultimate fighting with celebrity sightings, this site features amusingly crude Shockwave animations of stars like Jackie Chan and Hanson taking the tyke’s life.

Best Time Wasters: The South Park Fun Finder (www. thegrid.net/napoleon/funfindr.html)
This virtual SP arcade showcases such goofy games as ”Kenny and Cartman’s Tic-Tac-Toe,” and ”South Park Stack-Up,” a Tetris-like pastime that’s as addictive as the original.

Best Bait and Switch: YouKilledKenny.com
Type in the address and the screen reads, ”Find romance with other South Park fans!” — which leads to the website for the One-and-Only Associate Network. As Cartman might say, ”Seriously, you are really reaching right now.”