Shameless ''Seinfeld'' promotions -- Horning in on the end-of-series action

Consider this: There were actually some people who wanted nothing to do with the end of Seinfeld. Who stayed immune to Jerry fever? Companies such as Jujyfruits, Drake’s Bakeries Inc., and Kenny Rogers Roasters had legitimate ties to the show but refused to cash in. Of course, most couldn’t resist the chance to horn in on the action. Many of the promotions were predictable: Snapple, a show staple, kicked off a Win Nothing sweepstakes (prizes included no mortgage payments for a year). Others were goofier, even downright shameless.

·A forgettable little musical duo, Soda & 7, released an album titled Goodbye Seinfeld (left), which contains a ballad decrying the end of the show. One lyric exalts ”the way that Elaine makes us feel/As she dances with such zeal.”

·Plastic mugs dubbed Stein-felds were given away at the Ultimate Seinfeld Final Episode Bash, an outdoor party in Agawam, Mass.

·Three representatives of Tic Tac — one carrying a nine-foot-tall Tic Tac box — tried to deliver 30 cases of the mints to Jerry’s New York apartment on May 14. The doorman didn’t accept the delivery.

·A nail job from a real Korean manicurist — just like Elaine got! — was one attraction at the Last Laugh bash, a party sponsored by New York radio station Z100.

·Real-life Soup Nazi Al Yeganeh, who’s said he hates Seinfeld, went on the Home Shopping Network to hawk his soups on finale night — then hosted a cyberchat on the Internet Shopping Network’s website.

·Cape Cod Potato Chips held a ”Thanks for Nothing” campaign. More than 51,000 people mailed in blank envelopes, checks made out for $0, bubble wrap, etc., to get three bags of chips.

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