EW's annual TV Honors -- A few choice awards for the year in TV

By Bruce Fretts
Updated May 29, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

BEST GUEST STAR: John Ritter as maniacal would-be stepdad Ted on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was even scarier than Jack Tripper’s wardrobe on Three’s Company.

WORST GUEST STAR: James Spader as the ice cream shop employee on Seinfeld. He got more laughs as a sadistic pervert in Crash.

BEST INTERVIEW: Norm Macdonald’s brutally frank postfiring visit to Late Show With David Letterman. If he’d been this sharp on Saturday Night Live, maybe Norm wouldn’t have lost his job.

WORST INTERVIEW: Ed Bradley’s chat with Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey on 60 Minutes. We weren’t aroused.

BEST PROMOTION: ABC’s attention-grabbing ”TV Is Good” spots. Too bad the network’s shows didn’t live up to the promise.

WORST PROMOTION: NBC’s hysterical overhyping of Seinfeld‘s final count-down. Way too much ado about Nothing.

BEST-SIZE ENSEMBLE: Everybody Loves Raymond‘s tight-knit family. Not counting the seldom-seen kids, it’s the strongest five-person team this side of the Chicago Bulls.

WORST-SIZE ENSEMBLE: Spin City‘s staff of nine crowded out star Michael J. Fox. Doesn’t the mayor have a policy on overpopulation?

BEST CLINTONIAN CAMEOS: Janet Reno turned up on SNL, Ally McBeal, and Dharma & Greg, though the attorney general was too busy to play the role herself.

WORST CLINTONIAN CAMEO: Ex-Labor Secretary Robert Reich butchered a show tune on Al Franken’s Lateline.

BEST SEXUAL FLIP-FLOP: Homicide‘s most dangerous plotline found Det. Tim Bayliss (Kyle Secor) flirting with bisexuality — and guest star Peter Gallagher.

WORST SEXUAL FLIP-FLOP: ABC’s promos for Ellen featured costars Joely Fisher and Jeremy Piven making out — as if to say ”Hey, not everybody on this show is gay!”

BEST THEME SONG: Paula Cole’s ”I Don’t Want to Wait” perfectly captured the teen yearning of Dawson’s Creek. But we don’t want to wait till we can avoid hearing it everywhere (MTV, VH1, City of Angels ads, etc.).

WORST THEME SONG: Vonda Shepard’s ”Searchin’ My Soul” from Ally McBeal. The tune’s appeal is even thinner than Calista Flockhart.

BEST SNL SKITS: The dead-on parodies of Judge Judy and The View‘s gabbing gals made it clear that SNL is no longer an old boys’ club.

WORST SNL SKITS: Jim Breuer’s ”Goat Boy” cringe-a-thons. Hmmm, wonder what’s on MAD TV

BEST NEW KIDS’ SHOW: The intoxicating Teletubbies. Finally, a show that toddlers and psychedelic-drug users can enjoy together.

WORST NEW KIDS’ SHOW: Meego, CBS’ Bronson Pinchot flop. Meego…away from the TV.

— Bruce Fretts and the TV staff