Enter the Dragon‘s original trailer, one of this special edition’s intriguing extras, bills Lee (known mainly as driver Kato in ABC’s The Green Hornet) as one of a righteous troika with John Saxon and Jim Kelly. Little did Warner execs know that Lee’s work would make nunchakus as familiar as brass knuckles and pave the way for Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan. Though populated by bad guys who are now the butt of Austin Powers jokes (the nefarious Mr. Han shares Dr. Evil’s weakness for longhaired white kitties), Dragon is still one of the finest kung-fu films ever made, thanks to Lee’s agile delivery of lines and, even in this digitally restored version, punches too fast for the eye to see. Also included are the sweet and eerie home movies of Bruce with baby Brandon. A

Enter the Dragon
  • Movie
  • 110 minutes