The elegant kids of ''Dawson's Creek'' -- We asked a group of teens what they'd say in certain situations, and compared it to the show's dialogue

By Megan Quitkin
Updated May 29, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

Sure, it’s a hit, but after watching nearly five months of Dawson’s Creek, we’ve noticed something strange about those kids. As star James Van Der Beek has said, ”These characters are a lot more eloquent than a lot of
TEENagers on TV.” As well as real kids: We asked a group of Manhattan
TEENs what they’d say in certain situations, and then compared their everyday patois to that of the erudite Dawson bunch.

TOPIC Someone you’re angry at shows up.
DAWSON KID Joey: ”Thank you, Satan, for completing this night of horrors by sending one of your disciples to finish me off.” REAL
TEEN Dayci Brookshire, 16: ”Oh, hi. You look awful. I can’t even stand to look at you.”

TOPIC You tell your friend that his best friend is in love with him.
DAWSON KID Pacey: ”This girl is head in the clouds…ass backwards in love with you.” REAL
TEEN Ramzi Khalaf, 16: ”She really has a thing for you. I think you two should hook up.”

TOPIC Your boyfriend/girlfriend is hanging with his/her ex.
DAWSON KID Dawson: ”I thought you wanted to make a break from all those guys who sexualized you way too young.” REAL
TEEN Liz Bonofiylio, 17: ”I do not want to talk to you.”

TOPIC The English Patient
DAWSON KID Joey: ”It’s the only thing that’s put the baby to sleep…. Rent this movie to me…and bring 180 minutes of peace to my otherwise wretched life.” REAL
TEEN Paula Weber, 16: ”It was boring.”

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