''Breakfast of Champions'' makes an impression -- The film wrapped, but Twin Falls keeps on celebrating its brush with fame


The filming of Breakfast of Champions, starring Bruce Willis, Nick Nolte, and Albert Finney, wrapped in Twin Falls, Idaho (pop. 33,000), in April, but as far as residents are concerned, Champions never leave. Locals are still beaming from their brushes with celebrity (not to mention the estimated $2 million in business brought to town). Like pub owner Susan Lavender, who lunched with Finney: ”He spent St. Paddy’s Day here,” she recalls warmly. And police sergeant Tom Parker, who abandoned coffee and doughnuts for lattes and croissants because ”it seemed more appropriate when you’re around Hollywood people.” One resident got more than memories. At a garage sale of props — everything from underwear to a baby grand — movie-theater owner David Woodhead picked up enough mementos to stock an unofficial Champions museum. His major purchase: the Dwayne Hoover billboard, touting Willis’ car-salesman character (price: $600). It didn’t matter that the sign came without Willis’ face, which had been taken away by the movie folk. The kitschy items, says Woodhead, ”will draw people.” And the billboard? ”Well,” he laughs, ”we’re still trying to decide what to do with that.”