''Zoolander'' and more -- Two movies in the works depict the modeling world

”Zoolander” and more

Hollywood’s Noah complex escalates. After two asteroid/comet movies, expect two flicks about the woes of models.

DreamWorks is developing a film based on The Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel (Simon & Schuster), a comic book by designer Isaac Mizrahi. The wry story features a mold-breaking model (she’s 30 and six pounds overweight) who’s discovered by a Mizrahi doppelganger named Yvesaac. Mizrahi wants that part. ”I don’t see who else they could get to do it,” he says.

Meanwhile, Ben Stiller hopes to zing the modeling world with a movie based on a sketch he’s performed on the VH1 Fashion Awards. His character, Derek Zoolander, is the CEO of a modeling school. A stock quip: ”I’m so good-looking, of course I’m a model.”

While Stiller’s project is an all-out spoof, Mizrahi’s will offer a more insider take. So far, Sandee and Derek don’t have the hair dryers aimed at each other. ”Models are a vital part of our heritage,” says Stiller. ”If 10 model movies were out next year, it wouldn’t be enough.”