We Are Our Mothers' Daughters

Stitched together from personal reflections, professional experiences, and historical anecdotes about feminist trailblazers, We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters is a crazy quilt of meditations on women. A veteran news analyst for ABC and NPR, Roberts says that for the past 30 years, her primary identity has been as a mother, but notes, ”I was a better mother because I worked.” She profiles consumer advocate Esther Peterson, describes uphill battles of maverick newswomen of the ’60s, and discusses her sister’s death from cancer. Roberts’ just-plain-folks writing style verges on just plain dreadful (she mentions ”the hugs and humor, the closeness and Kleenex” of female friendships), but her insights about women’s changing roles in society often redeem the terminally perky prose. B

We Are Our Mothers' Daughters
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