Mary Kay Letourneu, a Hollywood muse? -- The teacher-student scandal inspired a slew of TV show plots

Who’d have guessed that Mary Kay Letourneau would become a Hollywood muse? The 36-year-old teacher’s relations with a sixth-grade pupil in 1996 seem to have inspired a slew of plots about similar extracurricular activities:

STUDENT AFFAIR A flashback sequence on Buffy the Vampire Slayer features a Sunnydale student carrying on with his teacher.
COURSE DESCRIPTION Sex 101 — like health class with show-and-tell.
FINAL GRADE F for fatal. After the teacher dumps him, he kills her.

STUDENT AFFAIR High school sophomore Pacey (Joshua Jackson) persuades his 40ish teacher (Leann Hunley) to give him private lessons on Dawson’s Creek.
COURSE DESCRIPTION Independent study: a lot of homework.
FINAL GRADE C for career-damaging. Teacher’s brought before the board and leaves town.

STUDENT AFFAIR Hunky guidance counselor Matt Dillon helps nubile coeds Neve Campbell and Denise Richards get a leg up on their future in Wild Things.
COURSE DESCRIPTION Advanced placement. Final exam includes a menage a trois.
FINAL GRADE B for backstabbing. Two of the three are offed.

·STUDENT AFFAIR In Lolita, nymphet Dominique Swain isn’t a student of college professor Jeremy Irons — but they still have plenty of after-school specials.
COURSE DESCRIPTION A Masters and Johnson degree required.
FINAL GRADE Incomplete. Steaminess put the film on probation — no U.S. distributor would touch it. It airs on Showtime and the Sundance Channel in August.