Mark Vanderloo and Esther Canadas -- Modeling's top couple

Mark Vanderloo and Esther Canadas

WHO Mark Vanderloo, 28, and Esther Canadas, 21

WHAT Modeling’s top love deuce

HIS AND HER BUZZ He’s a stud-cake from Holland who, along with handsome pals Jason Lewis and Alex Lundqvist, is male modeling’s answer to the Christy-Naomi-Linda triumvirate. She’s an up-and-comer from Spain, whose outrageously bee-stung lips make her a dead ringer for an angry Michelle Pfeiffer.

CURRENTLY STARRING IN DKNY’s new ad campaign, cavorting and kissing in clothes that they seem thisclose to pulling off.

HOW THEY MET Karan introduced them. ”She’s our godmother,” says Canadas.

HOW HE PROPOSED Vanderloo flew to Milan and asked for Canadas’ hand. ”In Holland you give a traditional silver band,” he says. ”But I gave her a diamond. We do it the American way.”

THE OBJECTS OF THEIR AFFECTION They kissed at least eight times during a one-hour lunch in New York.

HER LIPS: REAL OR FAKE? ”They’re real. He can tell you,” she says, kissing Vanderloo once again.

WHAT’S IN THEIR FRIDGE? ”We have 10 different types of Haagen-Dazs,” confesses Vanderloo.

MODEL CLICHE #1 (POSING IS HARD WORK) Vanderloo complains that he recently took six red-eyes in eight days, between Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, L.A., Arizona, Paris, New York, and London. ”There’s always a place in the middle we can fly to,” says Vanderloo, who’s logged one million frequent-flier miles.

MODEL CLICHE #2 (SHE WAS AN UGLY DUCKLING IN HIGH SCHOOL) ”I didn’t think I was anything special,” insists Canadas. ”I was really tall. I was too skinny.”

MODEL CLICHE #3 (THEY DON’T EXERCISE) ”Mark goes jogging sometimes,” she says. But as for doing 150 sit-ups a day? Jokes Canadas, ”I don’t even know how you count that.”