Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland

The latest in Rhino’s terrific Classic Albums series (seen on VH1 and PBS) dish up fun facts and frank interviews even as they confirm their subjects’ high perch in the rock canon. In The Band we learn that the mostly Canadian yet quintessentially American rock group migrated from the immortal Big Pink, its Woodstock-area digs, to a Los Angeles pool house rented from Sammy Davis Jr. to make its second album, and that the year before he wrote ”Stage Fright,” guitarist Robbie Robertson’s own phobia got so bad that a hypnotist was hired to put him under a spell before the group’s Winterland gigs. Ladyland uses road diaries, performance footage, and bassist Noel Redding’s home movies to document the creation of Hendrix’s masterful 1968 double album. Viewers expecting a tortured guitar genius will instead find a fun-loving man who may have hated his singing voice yet could shift to harpsichord or comb and cellophane to put the dazzling final touches on a track. Both: A

Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
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