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Mail from our readers

”Leave Leo alone” was the collective cry from our readers this week (#428, April 24). But some took it upon themselves to add to the list of tips we offered in our ”Letter to Leo”: ”Do a menial task on a regular basis,” writes Kerrie Steiert of Hereford, Tex., ”like mowing the grass and scrubbing the toilet.” Meanwhile, Shannon Reed of Johnstown, Pa., suggested this advice to EW: ”No more Titanic! Let go of those teeny-bopper instincts. I believe you can be Leo-free.” Several similarly troubled readers were appalled by the News & Notes item (”MMMBrat”) on the Hansons. ”For goodness’ sake,” writes 13-year-old Kate Heaney of Newburgh, N.Y., regarding Zac Hanson, ”he’s 12! He shouldn’t care if he’s a sex symbol. I’m sorry, EW, I thought you had more sense than that.” Yeah, well, that’s what he gets for being so cute.


I applaud your feature article on Hollywood’s new Frat Pack! It’s high time someone pointed out that acting, not just pretty boys, is what makes movies. The past dramatic performances of some of Hollywood’s teen idols — such as McConaughey, O’Donnell, Hawke, and Ulrich — have made me laugh. However, you really missed the mark with the article on the Chick Clique mixing real actresses such as Danes, Paltrow, Ryder, and Graham with overrated talents such as Neve Campbell, Sandra Bullock, and Cameron Diaz (chuckle, chuckle).

I must admit that in the beginning I thought that Leo, Matt, and Ben were just wonderful. Now I can hardly stand the mention of them! Give us a break and do features on some lesser-known guys. How about Paul Rudd? Kyle Chandler? There are plenty of smart, attractive, talented actors out there. Let’s hear a little about someone else for a change.


In the future, I am sure Leonardo DiCaprio will not even get out of bed without first consulting your all-knowing guide (”Letter to Leo”) on how to manage his career/select his friends and associates/spend his time. Prior to your article, DiCaprio has been regarded as one of the finest actors of his generation. Just imagine what he can now accomplish with you as his guide! I personally think your best advice was for him to avoid the temptation to make a fast buck.
Metairie, La.


As a Cuban American, I was outraged by your photographs of DiCaprio, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell in Cuba (”Havana Good Time, Wish You Were Here”). Once again, Hollywood has demonstrated its ignorance (or, better yet, arrogance) by rubbing shoulders with a tyrannical dictator who has, for nearly 40 years, engaged in some of the most horrific human rights abuses imaginable. It is unfortunate that Kate and Naomi seem to value animal rights more than human rights. At least in Cuba they don’t have to worry about anyone wearing furs; it gets way too hot waiting in the food ration line.
Anthony Diaz
San Gabriel, Calif.


Given that I am a big fan of Titanic and the number 14 has always had a personal meaning for me, I have been intrigued by the connections between the two (”Numbin’ Number”). Although I could sit and bore everyone with trivial additions to your list, proving once and for all that I have way too much time on my hands (i.e., this year was the 86th anniversary of the sinking… 8+6=14; according to the movie the wreckage lies 3,821 meters at the Atlantic’s bottom, and these digits also add to 14; ironically, Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed the French ruler King Louis XIV in The Man in the Iron Mask, etc.), I just wanted to mention I have been surprised no one has added that the life-boat that returns to rescue Rose is numbered 14. DAVID PUMPHREY
Longmont, Colo.


An open letter to South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone: After hearing how we fans were upset when you didn’t reveal the identity of Cartman’s father, you had the nerve to insult us with comments like, ”[If you care that much,] there’s really something wrong with you.” Something wrong with us? Fellas, we’re the ones watching your show and buying your T-shirts. This is your bread and butter, and you’re biting the hands that are feeding it to you.